South Global Geo Park in Jeju

////South Global Geo Park in Jeju
  • Photo from KTO_Sanbangsan Mountain
  • Photo from KTO_Daepo Jusangjeollidae
  • Photo from KTO_Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls(Jeju Island)
  • Photo from KTO_Oedolgoe

South Global Geo Park in Jeju

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  • From USD 54.30 ~ (Pricing per person)
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  • Tour Duration : 10 hours (9:00~19:00)
  • Language : English
  • Maximum participant allowed : 8 pax
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** Itinerary is adjustable according to your preference and request. 

09:00 Pick up at your hotel or Jeju airport
Yongmeori Cost (Global Geo Park by UNESCO)
Mt. Sanbangsan (Global Geo Park by UNESCO)
Kim Jeong Hee’s Place of Exile or O’sullock Green Tea field and cafes
12:00 Lunch
Jungmun Beach
Jusangjeolli Columnar Joint (Global Geo Park by UNESCO)
Oedolgae or Seogwipo coral colony (Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO) & Shell Fossils of the Seogwipo Formation (Global Geo Park by UNESCO)
Cheonjiyoin Waterfall (Global Geo Park by UNESCO)
19:00 Drop off at your hotel or your desired place


Private Vehicle (All related cost), English Speaking Licensed Tour Guide Service


Admission Fee : Yongmeori Coast: $2 (In case of entering) / Columnar Jointed Lava: $2 / Seogwipo coral colony: $56 / Cheonjiyoin Waterfall: $2

Meal : Krw 6,000 ~ Up to your choice

Pricing Per Person 

1 person    USD 330

2 persons  USD 165 p/p

3 persons  USD 110 p/p

4 persons  USD 82.50 p/p

5 persons  USD 76 p/p

6 persons  USD  63.35 p/p

7 persons  USD  54.30 p/p

Please email us if your group is more than 7 pax


In case you start/finish at Jeju airport, No extra charge



South Global Geo Park in Jeju Island

Welcome to the artworks of God in Southern Jeju!

Jeju is a volcanic island made by many times of volcanic eruptions under the sea for a long time. Southern Jeju is the good evidence of the progress of volcanic activities having many spots of Global Geo Park and Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO.

First, our journey will start at Yongmeori Cost. It is the oldest hydro-magmatic edifice in Jeju made about one million years ago, and there is a part of a tuff ring here which is shaped like a dragon that seems to perk its head up and fly away. So people called this volcanic edifice Yongmeori: dragon’s head. At the same time, we will see Mt Sanbangsan which stands out with a height of 398 meters behind Yongmeori Cost.

Next, we are heading for Kim Jeong Hee’s Place of Exile. Kim Jeong Hee is the most famous calligrapher who was exiled from Jeonju to Jeju in the late Joseon dynasty. Here we will enjoy his masterpiece, ‘Sehando’ with many beautiful calligraphic works and the old house where Kim Jeong Hee lived 200 years ago.

Then we will see Jungmun Beach in the Jungmun Tourist Complex. Or we will ride a horse looking up Mt. Hallasan and down the view of southern sea for 30 minutes at the middle top of oreum (a small volcanic edifice).

After lunch, we will visit the artwork of God, Jusangjeolli lava columnar which is 25 meters tall at this highest. A columnar joint is a pillar-shaped joint made of cracks which are formed by the contraction activities of lava while it is cooling.

Then, we will take a walk around famous filming location of drama ‘Daijanggeum’, Oedolgae Rock which is Olle Trail #7 having the meaning of ‘a small port standing abandoned’ with a sad legend. Or we will explore Biosphere Reserves: the only one colony of soft coral in the world on submarine, and we will find shell fossils at Shell Fossils of the Seogwipo Formation (Global Geo Park by UNESCO).

Finally we will visit Cheonjiyoin Waterfall (World Geo Park by UNESCO). Cheonjiyoin Waterfall means ‘a waterfall connecting the sky(Hheon) and land(ji) and has three Natural Monuments. Let’s find out three Natural Monuments!


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