All your payment information is secure and protected by company regulations.

Paypal : Follow the payment procedure for Paypal payments as indicated.

Credit card : Follow the payment procedure for credit card payments as indicated.

If you would like to cancel your trip or activity, please send us your cancellation request with your trip information (order number or previous email) through our ‘Email customer care’ form on the ‘My Account’ page.

An e-mail notification about your cancellation will be sent to you within 24 hours. Once your cancellation is complete, your booking status will be changed as ‘Canceled’

(Please go over our refund policy carefully before deciding whether or not to cancel.)

We offer many different types of activities such as sightseeing, lessons, trekking, festivals, nightlife, shows, performances, food, sports, etc. Our activity will become more and more diverse as time goes by.

Use the secure messaging system on Iamyourguide to work out details with us before making a reservation. You need to sign up with Iamyourguide and be logged in to your Iamyourguide account to view and send messages.

Your sent and received Iamyourguide messages can be found in your email. Simply click on the contact form on any Iamyourguide webpage when you’re logged in. Click on a message to see your complete message thread with a particular guide. All message threads have a specific status.

Asking questions is great for both the tourist and the guide.

We require that all Iamyourguide reservations be booked by someone who is actually going to travel at the listing. We don’t allow third-party reservations on behalf of someone who doesn’t have an account.

Signing up for an Iamyourguide account is easy and totally free. You can refer people to Iamyourguide directly with the social sharing button, and mailing list on our site. We are sure that your friends and family members will love Iamyourguide as much as you do.

Once you have an accepted reservation, your billing receipt and itinerary are automatically generated and stored in My account. They will be updated in the event that you cancel your reservation, alter your reservation, or receive a refund.

All pricing details are included on a listing at the time you submit your reservation request. You can verify the amount of your reservation after it’s been accepted on your itinerary or billing receipt.

Some guides may require additional fees to be paid upon meeting, but this will be clearly stated on the listing or in the message thread. Note that all off-site transactions are done at your own risk, and Iamyourguide cannot verify the validity of any transactions done outside our system. Other than that, once your reservation is accepted and payment processed, you won’t have to pay any extra money to your guide. If your guide asks you for more money than what you paid on the site and it was not stated in the listing or in the message thread, please contact us and we’ll contact your guide directly.

Please refer to the ‘Refund and Cancellation Policy’ in detail.

Guest refunds are issued for many reasons. For each situation, certain conditions may apply.

Once you receive notification that you’ll be receiving a refund, your billing receipt is updated to include the refund amount. In general, authorization voids and refunds issued to credit cards can take 5-7 business days to be reflected on your statement after they are processed by Iamyourguide. Some refunds issued to international credit cards occasionally take up to 30 days to be reflected. Refunds issued to PayPal accounts occur within 24 hours.

Some listings may be new on the site or previous guests may not yet have left reviews. Listings will gradually acquire reviews over time.  Also, you can be rest assured that all of our guides are professional and selected according to their character, work experience and references.

To ensure that both parties are protected, provide you with utmost customer service and adhere to our Terms & Privacy, we request that all communications prior to booking to be made via our on-site message system.

For the privacy and safety of both our tour guides and our traveling customers, all contact information (including address, phone number and email) is released after the confirmation of the booking. Prior to booking, you can contact the Iamyourguide service team by clicking the “Have a question? Contact us” button which can be found on Product pages.Please understand, though, that sometimes the reply will be slow due to time differences.

It is 100% free!  No Extra Charges.

It is not a requirement. However, we recommend that you contact us before your trip to confirm the date, time, meeting place and any other details that you feel may be pertinent to your meeting.

Once you have an accepted reservation, your billing receipt and itinerary are automatically generated and stored in My account.

If not, please contact us with your booking details (including your full name, guide name, date and destination). We will check to see if we have received your booking request successfully and will be in contact with you via email or on-site message

Yes, you can always make custom requests to the guide, but keep in mind that they may say no! Often, guides are very helpful for any requests, and when they can’t personally fulfill your requests, they will usually point you to someone else who can help you. We are also here to assist you. So don’t hesitate to leave a message through the ‘Have a question? Contact us’ button on the product page.