Mt. Seorak & East Sea – One Day Tour

////Mt. Seorak & East Sea – One Day Tour
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Mt. Seorak & East Sea – One Day Tour

FROM $ 64.30

  • Tour Code : PD17
  • From USD 64.30 ~ (Pricing per person)
  • Different Pricing based on No. of Pax
  • Tour Duration : 12 hours (8:00~20:00)
  • Language : English
  • Maximum participant allowed : 7 pax
  • Please consult your guide for tour option 1 & 2
  • Please email us if your group is more than 7 pax
  • Please email us if you like to pay only deposit first

Product Description

** Itinerary is adjustable according to your preference and request. 

08:00 Pick up at your hotel (in Seoul)
Mt. Seorak National Park (Gwongeumseong Fortress Cable Car, Shinheungsa Temple Big Bronze Buddha Statue)
12:00 Lunch
 Option  1 Sokcho Lighthouse Observatory / Yeonggeumjeong Pavilion /Sokchohang port fish market
 Option  2 Abai village / Getbae boat / Sokcho Joongang Market & Fish Market
20:00 Drop off at your hotel or your desired place (In Seoul)


Private Vehicle (All related cost), English Speaking Licensed Tour Guide Service


Admission Fee : Mt. Seorak Krw 13,500, Boat riding Krw 400

Meal : Krw 6,000 ~ Up to your choice


1 person    USD 390

2 persons  USD 195 p/p

3 persons  USD 130 p/p

4 persons  USD 97.50 p/p

5 persons  USD 90 p/p

6 persons  USD 75 p/p

7 persons  USD 64.30 p/p

Please email us if your group is more than 7 pax


In case you start/finish at Incheon airport, extra $60 per one way transfer from/to the airport



Mt. Seorak National park and East Sea

Also referred to as Seolsan and Seolbongsan, the mountain was named Seorak (‘Seol’ meaning ‘snow’ and ‘Ak’ meaning ‘big mountain’) because the snow would not melt for a long time keeping the rocks in a permanent state of white. In November 1965, the Seorak Mountain district was designated as a Natural Monument preservation area. Afterwards in December 1973, it was designated as a park preservation area, and in August 1982, as a Biosphere Preservation District by UNESCO.

Yeonggeumjeong Sunrise Pavilion is one of the most spectacular views from Sokcho city. So named because the sound of the waves in it, sound like the stringing of an instrument from South Korea : The Geomungo. This pavilion offers a unique view of the East Sea or Japan and the nearby island of Jodo. It is also an excellent location to enjoy the sunrise and the daily work of the fishermen of Sokcho.

Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market is a renowned traditional market in Gangwon Province. Fresh farm products are delivered every season, and at the sashimi center located in the base ground of the market, you can get fresh sashimi as you shop for your grocery. It is easy to approach due to its location in the center of the city, while in the famous food street of the fish market adds unique attraction to visitors with various alleys including Dalkjeon Alley that is famous for DakGangjeong(Deep-fried chicken with Sweet Sauce), Fish Alley with fresh seafood and Sundae Alley that reminds of market place.

The village of Cheongho-dong, Abai village  is now the hometown to many people of North Korean ancestry and is commonly referred to as ‘Abai village.’ The word ‘Abai’ comes from the Hamgyeong-do dialect meaning ‘an aged person.’ Many elderly people fled to Cheongho-dong from North Korea during the Korean War; the large number of older residents resulted in the town’s current nickname.

Abai Getbae boat  is a special way to get across the Sokcho harbor, separating downtown Sokcho from Abai Village. The distance is quite small, only reaching about 50m across, but riding one of the two ferries across is much quicker than going around by land. The ferry must be pulled across by rope by all passengers, excluding the elderly. This unique experience can only be found in Sokcho.

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