Marado & Gapado Island

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Marado & Gapado Island

$ 57.14

  • Tour Code : PD26
  • From USD 57.14 ~ (Pricing per person)
  • Different Pricing based on No. of Pax
  • Tour Duration : 10 hours (9:00~19:00)
  • Language : English
  • Maximum participant allowed : 7 pax
  • Please email us if your group is more than 7 pax
  • Please email us if you like to pay only deposit first
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** Itinerary is adjustable according to your preference and request. 

09:00 Pick up at your hotel or Jeju airport
Marado Island or Gapado Island
12:00 Lunch
Mt. Songaksan or Youngmoeri Coast (World Geo Park by UNESCO)
Mt. Sanbangsan (World Geo Park by UNESCO)
Kim Jeong Hee’s Place of Exile or O’sulloc Tea Museum
19:00 Drop off at your hotel or your desired place

• When a cruise ship doesn’t work because of the bad weather, the tour schedule would be changed based on your choices.



Private Vehicle (All related cost), English Speaking Licensed Tour Guide Service



Admission Fee : Marado: $18.5 / Gapado: $12.4 / Yongmoeri Coast $2 (In case of intrance) / Kim Jeong Hee’s Place of Exile $0.5
Meal : Krw 6,000 ~ Up to your choice


Pricing Per Person 

1 person    USD 350
2 persons  USD 175 p/p
3 persons  USD 116.66 p/p
4 persons  USD 87.50 p/p
5 persons  USD 80 p/p
6 persons  USD 66.66 p/p
7 persons  USD 57.14 p/p
Please email us if your group is more than 7 pax



In case you start/finish at Jeju airport, No extra charge


West Island in Jeju Island

Welcome to Western Island in Jeju Island!

Marado and Gapado are small volcanic islands made by under the sea like Jeju island and both the Marine Park. Marado is the southernmost Island in South Korea needed 30 minutes on a cruise boat. We will stay one and half hour to look aroud the whole island and eat famous black noodle: ‘Jajangmyeon’.

Or We will visit Gapado which is famous for large blue barley fields in May and the usage of eco friendly energy such as electronic cars. When you take a peaceful walk around the whole island looking far away Mt. Hallasan, you will be really refreshed and recharged. If you are lucky, you can find dolmens too.

After about one and half hours walk, we will eat Korean table d’hote based on fresh sea food or delicious top shell noodle soup for lunch. All kinds of sea foods are caught by Gapado local fishmen or Hanyeo (a woman diver).

After tour Marado or Gapado, we will trail Mt. Songaksan or Yongmeori Cost and Mt. Sanbangsan (both are World Geo Park by UNESCO). Mt. Songaksan is produced by the last hydro-volcanic explosion on Jeju Island, about 5,000 years ago. It has a very peculiar volcanic edifice. After the initial underwater explosion, a subsequent volcanic eruption occurred on land embedding the first crater.

Yongmeori Cost is is the oldest hydro-magmatic edifice in Jeju made about one million years ago, and there is a part of a tuff ring here which is shaped like a dragon that seems to perk its head up and fly away. So people called this volcanic edifice Yongmeori which means dragon’s head. At the same time, we will see Mt. Sanbangsan which stands out with a height of 398 meters behind Yongmeori Cost.

Then, we are heading for Kim Jeong Hee’s Place of Exile. Kim Jeong Hee is the most famous calligrapher who was exiled from Jeonju to Jeju in the late Joseon dynasty. Here we will enjoy his masterpiece, ‘Sehando’ with many beautiful calligraphic works and the old house where Kim Jeong Hee lived 200 years ago.
Finally, we will visit O’sulloc Tea Museum showing peaceful green tea fields, a gorgeous organic cafe, and lots of high qualified cosmetic products made of Jeju’s authentic mandarine, volcanic stone, and camellia, etc.

Why don’t we drink famous organic green tea or eat green tea cake here ?